Welcome back vampire :) Sending you best vibes and paramount wishes of health and joy!

*giggles terribly* Thank you, m’honey. >u< ❤❤❤

*twiddles fingers in a wave* Bonjour, m’dears. :)

I’m home (hooray!) from my hospital stay and very, very tired(I got home a while ago, but had dinner and such… nearly fell asleep at the table >.>)…

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So… I missed the con.

Reason being: I’ve been in hospital since Friday evening.


I’m feeling better and am on the mend, though. So worry not. >u>

Also, I have extremely sweet caring people in my life. I’ll blather on about that when I’m at an actual keyboard and not my phone, but for now: I have the pleasure of knowing some lovely people. :) <3

I heart you all dearly. I’ll be back to bother you sooner rather than later. ;D 



p.s. Roger Allam is still loverly. Just thought I should remind you all. >u> <3


tumblr friendships are hard to maintain like im sorry i know i havent talked to you in 5 months but you’re still super rad and i still consider us friends im just dumb

tracionn said: My text message tone is Douglas’ Hey Chieff and I loooooove it :) Yeah fandom thingies!!

Ooo, that is a grand one, I must say. OuO ❤❤❤

If I had anything Douglas-y/Roger Allam alert sounding; I may get too distracted… I do grin every time I hear my ‘bing bong’, it’d be at least five times worse with the Roger Allam. >u> ❤

My phone updated.

I can have my TARDIS noise as my text alert again! OuO ❤❤❤

I’ve also made the ‘Bing Bong!’ of the Cabin Pressure variety my alert for new email. >u> *snorts and giggles terribly* ❤

What should I make my alert for new voicemail? (not that I get many voicemails/phone calls, but it’s fun none the less >u<) I’m thinking either dalek something or sonic screwdriver…

Or something else? Suggestions, my darlings? I’d love it ever so much. =3 ❤

Douglas watched, his chest swelling with joy and an absurd flicker of fear, as Martin tore across the airfield, taking to his fully grown wings as if he’d been born for it. His cheerful cries dropped in and out of range as he raced over Douglas’ head. Martin landed clumsily, stumbling into his arms. “I didn’t think you’d ever come down,” Douglas tried to joke. “I thought you might leave me for the open horizon.” Martin, who saw straight through him, flapped up to meet him in a kiss. “Never.”

*squeals in delight so very high that only dogs and few people with certain hearing aids can detect* Awwwwwww, FOXY! I-I just-, 

photo tumblr_inline_n01ay1lMEF1ryt821_zps69441358.gif

photo tumblr_inline_mm8v77dAIb1qz4rgp_zps9242b435.gif 

In short, 

photo tumblr_inline_mx3l18VxLQ1qd3tq7_zpsfdcbd817.gif

*waggles eyebrows* >u> ❤❤

I’m terribly sorry for my over abundance of joy, but it’s just so lovely, and fluffy, and, and, WING FIC! And, and, and, MARLAS, a-and… *sighs happily and feels all warm and fuzzy on the inside* >u< ❤❤❤

A thousand thank yous, my darling! I love it and adore it and, and many other synonyms. >u> ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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yes guys do this 

And thanks to John Finnemore’s newest blog post, I have now added ‘Being Lifted By A Strong Man’ to the list of things to do before I die.

Thanks, John. ;P ❤


Timeless Vixen Vintage




Timeless Vixen Vintage

… I keep looking at earrings, and I end up really wanting them…

I don’t have my ears pierced though…

Maybe it’s time to pierce them. >u> ❤


The Metropolitan Museum of Art




The Metropolitan Museum of Art

It&#8217;s snowing. ):&lt; *Harumph!* #andthechairsinbackfellover #sillychairs #snow #Ijustdonotwantanymoresnow #whywontyoulistentomypleamothernature #why

It’s snowing. ):< *Harumph!* #andthechairsinbackfellover #sillychairs #snow #Ijustdonotwantanymoresnow #whywontyoulistentomypleamothernature #why