It’s officially September, I’m aloud to put up the Halloween decorations on my tumblr. >u> 

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Anonymous sent: Here's an anon for you :) Hope you're cold will be gone soon. Any weekend plans or September plans!

Thank you, m’dear. :) ❤ 

Doctor Who this weekend, of course. :D And hoping that my cold/sore throat clears up sooner rather than later so I can see new nephew that was born Wednesday. :)

Now that I think of it; did I ever mention my eldest sister was with child and having a boy? I thought I did, but… I am forgetful. Hmm…
But yes, if I didn’t mention that before; I actually have a nephew now to add to the pile of nieces. :D *giggles* He’s a chubby lil’ thing and I can’t wait to see him and hold him. ❤❤❤


no but after douglas and martin get together arthur finds out about their relationship and it’s sort of one of those things where he’s seen and heard of gay people before but now that people he actually knows are in a same-sex relationship it gets him thinking about himself and how he’s always dated girls because that’s what boys are expected to do and but now he starts really considering and so then the next time they go to ireland arthur begs so hard for them to stop in uskerty on the way back that carolyn finally relents and when they get to the airport arthur rushes over to gerry and they’re both so incredibly happy to see each other again and then gerry kisses him and the mjn crew are like um. and it turns out that arthur and gerry have a date and arthur’s all shy and nervous like “mum can i go is it okay?” and she just considers for a moment and goes “fine but you are to be back by ten and there is no room for negotiation” and gerry puts an arm around arthur and says “you can count on me, mrs. knapp-shappey!”

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i will post them all together if i get several

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Worry not! This building is a professional!

Worry not! This building is a professional!






starting today all blogs without the following image will be deleted within 24 hours


i’m not even afraid of deletion. i just want this image on my blog

this is my favorite so far

What the hell, I’ve seen loads of images but this is my favourite.

Lmao wtf

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… Is it too early to adorn my tumblr page with Halloween paraphernalia???


By the by; you’d best believe that I thought the premiere of Doctor Who was AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT last night!!! :DDDDDDD <3

*waves* Hullo, my honeys. I’m home from a very good week. :D

I returned home yesterday, but have been up since. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t sleep when I get home from a trip. So I’ve been catching up on this and that with a smidgen bit of everything else. :) I hope you didn’t mind all the photos I bombarded you with via the Instagram (tumblr won’t let me share pictures on my phone D: So the Instagram way I went). I think it may have been good that I forgot my camera as I took many a more pics with my phone than I would have with my camera, so I’m glad about that. 

It was so pretty up there (Minnesota is just pretty in general ((maybe I’m biased ;) )) ) and lovely listening to the lake at night sitting on the deck and having a fire. I love it. 

I may babble on more about the trip later (may share another picture or two), but I just wanted to say howdy. :)

But yes, I had a grand time. :) Possibly more later.

Until then, nap time for me, I believe. :)


Carla ❤❤❤

Last of the vacation fires. #imgoingtomissthem #oneofmyfavoritepartsofthecabinandcamping #itsbrilliant #campfire #minnesota #HOORAY!

Last of the vacation fires. #imgoingtomissthem #oneofmyfavoritepartsofthecabinandcamping #itsbrilliant #campfire #minnesota #HOORAY!

Last night of cabin living. It&#8217;s been loverly. :D💖 #sunset #leechlake #cabin #idontwannago #minnesota

Last night of cabin living. It’s been loverly. :D💖 #sunset #leechlake #cabin #idontwannago #minnesota

I&#8217;m a very comfy bed for pugs, you know. #pugs #theyremypals :D #ilovepugs &gt;u&gt;

I’m a very comfy bed for pugs, you know. #pugs #theyremypals :D #ilovepugs >u>

I adore a good fire. :D💖 #solightemup #likefire #hellfire #thisburninginmyskin ;D

I adore a good fire. :D💖 #solightemup #likefire #hellfire #thisburninginmyskin ;D